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"Powerful, vaccinated" illustration

Technique: Digital Illustration


Print available in A3 and A4 sizes, on paper Canson Photo Matte 200g.

NOTE: No frame included!

Ilustração Poderosa, vacinada

  • Our illustrations are all printed in "fine art", on paper Canson Photo Matte 200g and you can choose the print size (A4 and A3).

    "Fine art" printing is the most advanced type of printing today and the highest quality. Prints are made with mineral inks on special papers and specific machinery for this printing. This process guarantees better quality and fidelity to the colors of the illustration.

    Prints are made by means of encomenda and are sent directly by the partner studio, specialized in this type of printing.

    Note: If you purchase any other product, in addition to the illustration, they will arrive at your residence separately, as the illustrations are sent via another address.


    * Canson Photo Matte 200g (100% alpha cellulose) | color: pure white | texture: smooth | finish: matte


    A4: 210 X 297 mm R$ 89.90
    A3: 297 X 420 mm R$ 149.90

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