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* FAIL * 


THEFailureit's a fashion brandagender, author and brazilian. your creator,Felipe Marques, developed it from his monograph“Fashion as gender technology in male and female binarism”. We understand thatfashion has no gender. Clothing is a tool we use tocommunicate and express who we are. We wear our clothes toperform our gender. Clothing is a sign and, as such, it communicates, it is an imagery language.


through themodeling, colors, textures and prints we seek to naturalize the unintelligible bodiesand encourage people to dress the way they identify,not limited to built patterns. A fashion that is forall!

Asagender brand, in addition to clothing, is essential for uscommunicate directly with our consumers and convey our ideals e convictions. We need to deconstruct in the consumer thebinarismthat societyengendered in their bodies. Give space and visibility tonumerous gender performativitiesit's crucial. Create onesafe spaceso that our consumers feel comfortable and encouraged torethink dressing, the meaning of your clothes and what they communicate to the world

Asauthorial fashion brand, we cherish an outfit ofquality and lasting. We focus on vanguarda and in the timelessness of the clothes. THEephemerality of art, the expressions of unintelligible bodies, cities and urban movements, the deconstruction of patterns and the occupation of public spacesare our main inspirations. Valuing the work of the small, rethinking consumption andstrengthen the local creative industryare crucial values for us.

The name"Failure"came through thedesire to resignifya word that is often used to define thebodies that deviate from the gender standard. Often seen as flaws of nature, society, character, flaws in creation...We propose to assume these flaws and understand that to diverge from the standard is to praise its uniqueness.. a courageous act ofstrength and endurance.We are the sum of recurring failures that brought us here. A word that evokes human perseverance and resilience.

Failure also means acrack on a hard surface. We understand this asbreak and subvert prevailing patterns. Just as a flower can break the asphalt,we managed to change the social constructs. The fault is incrockery floorin grandma's house, in the paint that peeled off the living room wall, in theoriental crockery that breaks and is restored with gold, in mosaic, in crafts, in what is produced by hand... 

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